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Rainytales activity books for kids
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We're excited to introduce you to our brand new, wonderfully fun series of children's activity books recommened for ages eight and above!

Rainytales activity books for boys

Standard Edition

Are you looking for something fun to do on rainy day? Diving into one of our activity books is an adventure that encourages creativity, learning and the use of imagination, away from screens. We currently have six exciting themed books to choose from, each filled with exciting kids activities including puzzles, colouring pages, word games and riddles. Discover our full series of children's activity books today!

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Rainytales wellies
Rainytales wellies


Sometimes it's nice to add a personal touch. All Rainytales activity books are available personalised, making them a brilliant personalised gift for kids. From the world of spells and potions to the wonderful game of football, we've got the perfect personalised activity book whatever the interests of your child. Discover the most creative, wonderfully fun gift for girls and boys for any special occasion.

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Rainytales for rainy days

Rainytales is on a mission to engage kids in activities away from screens, inspiring young minds to explore and challenge their knowledge, creativity and imagination. We want to bring families together and create fun, thoughtfully designed kids activities, starting with our brand new series of activity books. While our books make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for kids, they are not just for special occasions.  If you are looking to fill your kids rainy days, long journeys and school holidays with creative, educational, fun-filled moments, we encourage you to give our activity books a go. With a variety of themes including football, farm animals, forest animals and space, we've got the perfect activity book to suit all interests.

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