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Easter Riddles For Kids

Riddles are a great way for kids to exercise their deductive skills, and many adults enjoy a good brain teaser too. Here at Rainytales we love riddles, especially when they rhyme. That's why we have dedicated a whole page in each of our activity books to solving them.

Easter school holidays are upon us and you might be at home with the kids, wondering how to keep them entertained. We've got you covered (for ten minutes, at least) with these rhyming Easter riddles we have created especially for this special holiday.

Easter egg hunts are something many parents organise for their kids every year. They are such a fun tradition and a way to create precious childhood memories. We love the idea of organising an easter egg hunt across multiple rooms around the house, and perhaps the garden if the weather allows, and adding a puzzle element. To enter each room the kids need to solve a puzzle or riddle, making the whole experience feel more of an adventure. And with the prize being lots of chocolatey Easter goodness the kids are sure to be excited to get involved.

Rhyming kids Easter riddles with answers

1) I am something you could weave and use to carry many things,

you could use me to gather the eggs an easter bunny brings.

The answer to this riddle is a basket.

2) I am a favourite treat to many,

and into a brownie I could be baked.

I come in many shapes and sizes,

but for Easter I come egg-shaped.

The answer to this riddle is chocolate. We love a good chocolate easter egg!

3) I look forward to summer and say goodbye to winter cold,

I’ll bring you warmer weather and make the flowers grow.

The answer to this riddle is spring.

4) I am the flower of Wales with petals in bright yellow,

I’ll make my arrival when spring says hello.

The answer to this riddle is daffodil. We are based in Wales so this one hits close to home.

5) I am a fluffy little being,

and my mom is a hen.

I came from an egg,

just like all of my friends.

The answer to this riddle is a chick.

We hope you have a lovely Easter and get to spend lots of quality time with your family!

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