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Calling all young witches and wizards!  Come with us on an adventure through the world of spells, potions and magical creatures with our Magical Adventures activity book. Filled with puzzles, riddles, colouring pages and other fun activities, this book will challenge your wits and creativity. Are you ready, sorcerer? 


We have filled the pages of our Magical Adventures activity book with kid’s activities perfect for young minds intrigued by all the wonderful things in the world of magic. This colourful activity book is full of beautiful illustrations and fun magic-themed kid's activities, making it the perfect screen-free escape on a rainy day for girls and boys aged eight and above. Colour the enchanted forest back to life, create your own potion, solve the spellbound riddles and find out which magical creature you can transform yourself into! There’s lots of fun to be had in the world of magic.


While we recommend this activity book for ages eight and above, it could also be completed by slightly younger children with help from an adult. Completing the book independently requires the ability to read and write. 


Rainytales is on a mission to engage kids in activities away from screens, starting with our exciting series of kids activity books. If you’re looking for things to do on a rainy day or perhaps during a long journey, our Magical Adventures activity book is the perfect place to start. It would also make a truly magical Christmas or Birthday gift for girls and boys who are still expecting their Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Magical Adventures Activity Book

    • Free delivery on orders over £25
    • £2.50 delivery charge applied to smaller orders
    • Delivery within 5 working days
    • Delivery available within the United Kingdom only
    • Children's activity book with 20 pages of magic-themed activities
    • Recommended for ages 8+
    • Square book 21 x 21 cm
    • Perfect gift for kids who love magic
    • Also available personalised
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